Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kwentong Ondoy

It was the last week of September, the weather was awful and the wind was so strong. I was in school when it rained hard the day, everyone was in shock because we found out that there was already flood in the streets. One of my fellow Escolarians asked me, “Why are you still happy Mikael?” I didn’t say a thing to him and just walk around the campus. Good thing that I brought a pair of slippers, an umbrella and a jacket.  

Everyone rushed to the cooperative store to buy slippers, because their school shoes and socks were all wet. Unfortunately, my female friends don’t get the chance to buy slippers. Cockroaches, worms and other creepy crawlers were all in the flood. A pandemonium of shouting girls was heard all over the campus.  And again, one of my classmates asked me, “Why are you still happy Mikael?” That time, I just gave him an innocent smile. 

It was 12 noon when the school administrator announced that the classes were already suspended. Oh damn, were in school at 7 in the morning to attend our Chemistry class. We had a lesson and a short quiz. We were only few who attended the class, since we’re only few, our tiny professor gave us an additional grade for attending the class despite the heavy rain. 

 We waited for at least one hour in the campus before we went out of the school premises. Since its lunch time, we ate at Mang Inasal and chat a little; my girl friends were still worried because they don’t know if they will just wait for the rain to stop or if they will face the heavy rain just to be at home. And then again, a female friend asked me, “Why are you still happy Mikael?” That moment, I laughed hard. Other people who ate at that fast food chain looked at me with annoyance in their eyes.

It was 2 in the afternoon when we finally arrived at the Light Rail Transit station, our pants were all wet. I, together with two Filipino classmates and an Iranian friend successfully landed at the train notwithstanding the flow of the people who were also waiting for the train. My eyes wandered, and I saw a lot of familiar faces in the train, some are my school mates while some are acquaintances that I always  met in the train. I stopped wandering when my Filipino friend tapped me at the back and asked me, “Why are you still happy Mikael?” That time, I gave her another question instead of answering her inquiry. “Why I shouldn’t be happy? Will the rain stop if I will be sad? Will the flood vanish if I will cry?”

The bottom-line is, there is always a good thing in spite of the bad thing that is happening to us. If we just look at the brighter side, everything we’ll be alright. Thinking too much in a bad situation will not make any good to it; sometimes it will just make things worse. Accept whatever happens in our life and just be happy with it.

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